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Whether it’s a show piece front-of-house video wall, or some simple shelf edged displays, there is no better way to visually engage with your customer and reinforce the brand message. Screens also provide the instore capability to bring together any web or TV video campaign and close the loop with the customer.


The secret is to do this naturally and in a way that the normal customer journey engages directly with the product, be that lifting the hanger or picking up the product to test. More complex solutions can customise the content based on the detection of age/gender of the viewer.


Build the customer experience and reward their action with a noticable change, such as playing a specific video clip that reinforces the brand message, eg a catwalk model wearing the item that has been lifted or playing a “customised” video message.

The solution also allows interaction with intelligent lighting solutions to highlight the product/related products or changing the mood lighting to match the product. It is also possible to simply display a voucher code that provides them an instantaneous discount to encourage closing the purchase there and then.


With or without screen technology the Intevi IDR solutions can provide the retailer with vital feedback, measuring product interactivity, comparing like for like products, measuring popularity, customer engagement and iwith the enhanced analytics solutions report engagement by gender or age group.

Running this across multiple locations then enables a geographical analysis, by products or stores, all of which can then be reported using a web based dashboard solution.

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