The Intevi Digital Poster is an animated digital solution that replaces your dull, life-less print-based media with an updateable, fresh and responsive digital poster.

Intevi Digital Poster

Fullscreen Content

Intevi Digital Posters can be as simple as displaying content that uses the entire screen space. This could be an animated slideshow, video content or a showreel of still images – nearly any type of media content.

Unique Layouts

Intevi can create layouts unique to your company’s needs, in order to better reflect the message that you want to portray. These layouts not only reinforce your branding, but also make your content more aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Content

The Intevi Digital Poster can also display live/smart content such as twitter feeds, the weather and the date in order to maintain an easily updatable and responsive layout. This helps to engage with the viewer and means that your content is constantly fresh.

Why Digital Signage?

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