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Take control of your meetings, training and seminar rooms with the Pulse-Box, a universal wireless display solution. Intevi provides exclusive UK distribution to the French company, Pulse Origin whom specialises in wireless broadcasting technologies.

The Pulse-Box allows organisations to share content easily without the need to install an application or use an accessory to display your content. The Pulse-Box is the only wireless display solution that works without an application to download, without accessories and offers universal compatibility with all devices such as smartphone, tablet or computer.

Key features of the Pulse-Box

• A full HD display up to 1080p with video streaming up to 30 FPS
• 3 display modes with Airplay, Miracast and Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11) compatibility
• No stored data, option for VESA fastener and KENSINGTON locker
• Secured integration
• Universal compatibility with any laptop, smartphone or tablet

For further information on the Pulse-Box download the technical specification


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