Intevi Digital Signage (IDS)

Replaces your print-based media with an updateable, fresh and responsive digital poster.

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Intevi Digital Television (IDT)

The Intevi Digital Television is the convergence of IPTV and Digital Signage. IDT combines fully capable IP television with corporate branding, live information widgets, alerts and messaging.

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Intevi Digital Retail (IDR)

Interactive in store technology solutions.

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Intevi Digital Casting (IDC)

Take control of your meetings, training and seminar rooms with the Pulse-Box. Share content easily without the need to install an application or use an accessory to display your content.

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Intevi Digital Booking (IDB)

Digital workplace solutions including room/desk booking, guest management, way finding and more.

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Online Resources

Everything you need to learn more. Download our online resources which include product brochures, spec sheets, videos, case studies, product portals and more.

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