Official certified partner for LG OLED installations

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Intevi Ltd are pleased to announce the official partnership for installation and support of the LG electronics OLED signage products.

Intevi’s International Field Engineer, Richard Kisogloo, underwent vigorous training, learning the products application, screen requirements as well as numerous tests to complete the OLED signage Partner Certification Program, ensuring we can proudly offer the product to our customers.

The LG OLED range offers a revolutionary energy efficient TV with a sleek, ultra-slim design. With over 10 products to choose from, the OLED line delivers maximum picture quality and minimum power consumption in a thin, light and flexible design. LG are pioneers in the OLED market, proving value for money with the individual LED projected colours, demonstrating a true black which in turn enhances the other colours, creating a more vibrant display. Coupled with its ability to curve, you can style your OLED screen into a curved shape or bend corners creating an awe-inspiring presentation, remaining undistorted and clear from any viewing angle.

Transform your customer experience by using the OLED TV range to help display array of media sources. You can utilise the Intevi IDT equipment to brand TV channels, personalise messaging, offers and alerts, as well as inform customers of company or situational updates creating a lasting informative yet innovative impression.

Find out how our customers are using the IDT range to enhance user satisfaction.

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